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Cody Rhodes and Goldust have hilarious Twitter exchange, Carmella takes a shot at Natalya

When you’re a wrestling Superstar like Goldust or his brother Cody Rhodes you need to stay awake for very long periods of time. Whether you’re driving, working out, waiting around backstage, or wrestling in the ring they all require being able to stay awake. You can do them while you’re sleeping but it might not have the best results.

Goldust was recently faced with the dilemma where he wanted an energy drink because he likes them but he realizes they are bad for him. He needed one that tasted good and had no aspartame or sugar. That’s a pretty hard combination to deliver.

Luckily, his brother Cody (last name withheld) saw Goldust’s tweet and had a clever response. He remarked how his body is mostly aspartame at this point. Therefore, it might be too late for Cody but at least there’s still time for Goldust to make the right choice in energy drinks.

Everyone loved Natalya’s Celebration Of Women on Thursday night, especially the SmackDown Women’s Champion. But Carmella is Miss Money In The Bank and she doesn’t want anybody to forget it.

Therefore when Mella has the opportunity to alter a photo and put herself in the place of a picture of Natalya she is going to take it. The Princess Of Staten Island mockingly called Natalya a sweetheart as she commented on the altered photo. It’s a pretty nifty little piece of internet.


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