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Cody Rhodes comments on fan burning Bullet Club shirt

The Bullet Club is fine, but apparently, they need a new logo for some reason. Of course, this might get tricky seeing how many fans out there own the old BC logo on their clothing. In fact, it’s hard to go some places without seeing the Bullet Club insignia all over the place, especially pro wrestling events and Misfits concerts.

Cody recently announced that a new BC logo is in the works and fans should expect to see that later next week. Who knows where all of this is heading, but in the meantime, some fans are already taking action.

One fan thought he would go to the extreme of burning his Bullet Club shirt thinking it was Cody Rhodes merch. But apparently, this fan was mistaken because the Grandson Of A Plumber replied that the shirt this zealous fan was actually lighting on fire was actually a Bullet Club USA expansion shirt from the first time New Japan invaded Long Beach.

Cody simply said this guy ruined a perfectly good shirt instead of proving a point. But you have to give the upset fan points for trying.

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