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Cody Rhodes gives emotional speech about his father, Seth Rollins shows respect



Cody Rhodes kicked off tonight's WWE Raw after WrestleMania show.

Cody said it's 47 days since the news about his free agency. He talked about "nonsense" theories about his decision to return to WWE. He said his decision to return was not difficult and he referenced "the star that left them in the dust" and he's signed a multi-year agreement with WWE.

Cody said any glimmers of doubt and trepidation were eradicated on Saturday night when he returned to defeat Seth Rollins. Cody then showed a photo of Dusty Rhodes from September 27, 1977. The photo, shown on the big screen showed Dusty holding the WWWF Title. Cody said that Dusty was a lot of things to people but "to me, he was my hero."

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Cody said that the photo was on the mantle of his parent's bedroom until Dusty's last day. Cody said Dusty never won the WWWF Title because he won his match via countout. Cody said he knew at 8 years old that he would win that championship belt and he would place it into Dusty's hands unfortunately that dream died but while he can't physically put the title in his father's hands, he can still put it around the waist of The American Nightmare.

Cody added that he is finally ready and he is going to win the WWE Championship for himself, his family and for The American Dream Dusty Rhodes. At that point, Seth Rollins walked out to the ring. Cody put his hand out and Seth Rollins shook his hand.

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