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Cody Rhodes needs your help if you’re into graphic design

“The Grandson Of A Plumber” Cody Rhodes has been making big moves since he bid farewell to WWE. He said “auf wiedersehen, good night” to the Stardust gimmick and immediately started making towns all over the planet to further establish himself as one of the top names in pro wrestling. Now he’s a member of The Bullet Club and having a grand time no matter where he’s working.

One thing about Cody is he’s always trying to remain relevant and up to date. This cutting edge philosophy has helped him garner praise wherever he wrestles even if Jim Cornette wasn’t happy hearing about him taking a Penisplex from Joey Ryan.

Although he can’t wrestle with his father’s last name at events broadcast in the USA (which is technically Runnels, but Rhodes is his family legacy) Cody’s been making waves and people have flocked to see him work. He really is doing gangbusters.

Just Cody’s name alone adds a credibility unlike anyone else. People want to see Cody work because they can see that brilliant dose of Dusty that still lives through him. There’s a reason why he has “dream” tattooed on his pec and not “Stardust.”

Cody Rhodes recently posted on Twitter that he was looking for an artist with a fast turn around to help him out. So if you’re into graphic design this might be a great opportunity to help yourself out while assisting a wrestling superstar who will undoubtedly go down as a member of one of the greatest pro wrestling dynasties in history. Any chance to work with Cody has to be a good time.

We don’t know what Cody is up to but knowing him it’s going to be special. Therefore when you contact Cody and get the gig working for him you can just send us a tweet to thank WrestlingNewsCo later.


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