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Cody Rhodes on NXT vs. AEW: “If we become a reactionary brand, I think that's a bad call”

Cody Rhodes

AEW Co-Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes made an appearance on Collider Live where he spoke about a wide range of topics. 

The decision by WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon and WWE officials to move NXT to the same night during the same timeslot on the USA Network has been a hot topic in recent months. This is a move to go head-to-head against AEW. 

In the interview, Rhodes talked about NXT's reactionary call.

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"I do think that NXT going directly against us and then switching to two hours the week we debut is 100% reactionary. I'm not saying it's a smart move or not a smart move, it's just 100% reactionary.. We were always going to be on TNT and this was always the time slot. We just have to focus on what we're doing. If we become a reactionary brand, I think that's a bad call.”

Rhodes continued, “What happens when you become reactionary is it becomes about, Well, The Undertaker is gonna be teaming with Johnny Gargano and then all of a sudden, you're grasping for pieces of nostalgia. You're playing the wrong notes versus what, I think we already have, which is a product that people want to see."

You can watch the entire video by clicking on the player below: