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Cody Rhodes possibly worked injured at New Japan Pro Wrestling Strong Style Evolved


Cody Rhodes possibly worked injured at New Japan Pro Wrestling Strong Style Evolved

New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Strong Style Evolved show is in the books and although it was pretty long, it was well worth it to see the whole thing. Cody Rhodes put forth an outstanding performance as did the rest of the Bullet Club. In case you’re wondering, the Bullet Club is still fine.

But during the show, a few people certainly noticed the weightlifting belts Cody and The Young Bucks wore to the ring.

“[Cody] may have a back injury,” Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio. “He may have an injury or maybe they’re just trying to market weight belts? Bullet Club weight belts which would actually make all the sense in the world since they market everything else.”

You can never count out the inventiveness of the Bullet Club when it comes to marketing so weightlifting belts could very well be on the way for all we know. After all, it would be a nice way to get their brand in gyms all over the world. But it should also be noted that Matt Jackson also wrestled in a weightlifting belt.

Matt is notorious for selling his back and Nick picks up for the slack on a constant basis. This was actually a theme for the Golden Lovers vs Young Bucks match at Strong Style Evolved. Therefore, Matt Jackson could just be incredibly good at selling his back, he’s actually hurt, or it might be a combination of all three which is likely.

Therefore, those weightlifting belts might have been a clever way to both market a possible product and assist with an injury.

It was also noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Kenny Omega suffered a pretty gnarly looking face injury during the main event match as well. He said it could be a broken orbital bone, but Bryan Alvarez said Omega would probably immediately have much more swelling if that was the case.

Either way, the jury seems to be out on how banged up the Bullet Club guys are after Strong Style Evolved but at least they had an epic night of in-ring competition in Long Beach.

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