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Cody Rhodes responds to suggestion that he was poorly booked in WWE

Cody Rhodes has become an absolute star since departing from WWE several years ago. Rhodes has shined for promotions such as New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and Ring Of Honor (ROH). He’s the current NWA World Champion after defeating Nick Aldis at All In.

One fan recently took to Twitter and suggested that Cody and his brother, Goldust, were underutilized in WWE. Here’s how Cody responded:

“I’d politely disagree. I was in a PPV main event by age 24. I was happy/challenged with the trajectory of my career there…even stardust. It stung but it was motivating to see guys pass my sparkly ass by, I saw what I was missing and went out and got it. Do the work.”

Another fan praised Cody for never complaining. Cody responded and said he complains all the time, and much like Chris Jericho, he has a  “list” of his own:

“I bitch all the time bro ha and I’ve got my Arya Stark list, but there’s more angels working there than assholes. And the ones that thought they could snub me, look down at the floor timidly when I walk by. Daddy eats first.”

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