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Cody Rhodes responds when fan asks if Enzo Amore will be at All In



We are less than 2 months away from All In, the show being funded by Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks.

Rhodes and The Bucks are doing everything to make the show fan-friendly and they are steering away from booking people that might cause some controversy. As previously noted, Vince Russo is not booked for the event and now we know that Enzo Amore will not be there.

On Sunday morning, Cody Rhodes did a Q&A and Amore's name came up.

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Rhodes was quick to shut down any speculation on Amore being announced for the show.

Apparently, fans are not satisfied with Rhodes "we're not" answer so he made it clear again and said, "He's not part of the show. 100%."

For anyone planning on attending or watching the show via other means, I would take Rhodes at his word here because he is not going to do anything to bring negative attention to the show.

All In is sold out but there has been talk about distributing the show. Rhodes recently told Dave Meltzer that internet streaming and pay-per-view are options but he is not too interested in airing the show on free TV because they would have to air commercials and that would affect the flow and timing of the show.

All In will take place on 9/1 at the Sears Center Area just outside of Chicago, IL.