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Cody Rhodes says he met with Vince McMahon, WWE deal is a 'full multi-year commitment, not a part time deal'



Cody Rhodes appeared on The Ringer Wrestling show to talk about his return at WWE WrestleMania. Here are some of the highlights:

Cody talking about what he wanted as a reaction for him from the crowd at WrestleMania:

"I was hoping they'd be happy as a crowd, or at least yay, boo, whatever, just some sort of energy and feeling. But I really didn't want to put any expectations on it, and I never looked out there. I never walked the ramp. I never got to see the crowd. They put me in my sweats and I didn't see anything. So coming up on that lift was the first time I saw the grandier, you know, the showcase of immortals, and all the things that WrestleMania is and just a feeling that I'll chase the rest of my life. If we never get another one, and yeah, as a wrestler, you're always, ‘I gotta get another one. What am I doing next year?’ But gosh, if I don't get another one, I feel so vindicated. I feel so vindicated to go from just nowhere on the card and no desire to have me, and no priority, and that's not a knock on anybody, and then to go out in the frickin wilderness and try everything I could to make some noise and change our business in pro wrestling and sports entertainment, whatever you want to call it. I felt like they appreciated it, and I appreciated them"

Cody was asked if he feels like he’s accomplished the goals he wanted to by leaving WWE:

"This is one that I'm kind of saving for Monday Night RAW of all places to tell people. But long story short, the reason I got into this whole thing was, you know, you want to be like your dad, and that specter is so heavy and so long I veered away from it. To be able to just with one jab, and they knew. I hate when people are like, 'Oh, he'd be proud of you', because yeah, I know they mean well, but he's not here and I wish he was to see it. But the most my family is ever whole is when we're out there. I just felt them all. I felt Virgil Sr, who I never met. I felt my dad, I felt my brother, my mother, my nine month old little baby who fell asleep before I went out. It’s such a responsibility to carry the name and the whole thing and it finally felt like, 'You know what? I can do it. I'm not going to be the little ugly duckling of the family. I can do it. I can carry the Rhodes name. I can carry it in Texas. I can carry it on a show with Charlotte, with Steve Austin, with the friggin’ Undertaker, and I felt good about it."

Cody on leaving AEW to return to WWE:

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"I am so proud of AEW. God, I am so proud. I'm so proud of Matt and Nick, and Kenny, and I really want to see Tony move forward and no bad blood in the best of ways and all the respect in the world. But the decision to come here was the easiest decision I ever made. It was just time. That show is doing well. Wrestlers are getting paid that weren't getting paid, and I had a small part in making that happen. Or maybe kind of a big part. I don't know. It depends on who you ask. But I'm so proud of it. But it's one of those things. How much are you going to do for everybody else until you say you know what, 'I want one for me', and I felt like that tonight?"

Cody was asked what the conversations were like between him, Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard while negotiating for him to come in:

"I can tell you the one of the most special parts of it was that Bruce and the chairman himself, Vince flew down to meet me. Had that meeting not led to anything, had it just been a conversation about wrestling and sports entertainment would have been great closure on the last loop. Because I mean, I left here on the worst of terms. I talked all the smack on Earth. But none of it mattered. It was just 'Hey, you went out and did it.' I remember saying, 'I have to be me. It has to be the American Nightmare.' To hear Vince say, 'Well, it's not broken. That's what we're buying', again, just vindication. It felt good. You spent all this time trying to prove people wrong who doubted you and prove people right who were on board with you. But in that moment, it was just closure on the first loop and excitement for what's next. And I mean, I'm going to talk about it on RAW and I'll probably limit it, but it's pretty clear what I came to do. Pretty clear. There's unfinished business for my family, and there's something we never got, and I want to be the one to get it."

Cody talking about his WWE contract:

"It's maybe the most complex document or contract ever drawn up in the history of our game, but full commitment, full multi-year commitment, not a part time deal. It's back to what I used to do every day on the road. These people were wonderful enough to get me a bus so that my family could be with me, and I got everyone, all of them, here tonight. So they bet on me, so I'm gonna bet on WWE, and I'm really looking forward to it."

Cody was asked to explain a little more by the complexities of the contract:

"Undertaker said it a couple of times last night in his speech that perception is reality in this industry. Perception of me is all over the place. Oh, he's an egomaniac. Oh, he asked for all this money. All this crazy stuff. It's kind of fun to hear, but in reality, I grew up here. I didn't know what a contract was. I was 19 when I went to OVW. Now it's just a different story. It's not so much about, hey, this has to be this way and his has to be this way. It was just more of, I was the executive vice president of AEW. I was one of the founding fathers, and I wanted to make sure that leaving it was with the utmost respect, and I hope no one's lazy enough here, which no one is, to make AEW jokes or bingo hall references and any of that because it's nothing against them. It was just time for me to move on. I'd wrestled everybody I wanted to wrestle. I didn't want to be a 15 time TNT champion and hold the belt hostage. I wanted to move on, maybe to a different piece of leather."

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