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Cody Rhodes says there's nothing keeping him from using his last name

Ring Of Honor

Ring Of Honor

When Cody Rhodes left WWE the scuttlebutt was WWE retained ownership of the last name Rhodes even though it was his father's last name in the pro wrestling business and he made it famous for decades. Family lineage doesn't seem to matter much when you're talking about copyright law.

This was supposedly why when Cody appeared elsewhere he just used his first name because WWE didn't trademark that. Cody and Brandi Rhodes can be billed as a team which is a clever way of getting around the problem because Brandi Rhodes was never known by that name in WWE she just can't go as Eden, but why would she want to do that again?

Cody recently replied to a fan online who said, "can we take a moment to realize how much a d-ck Vince McMahon is for not letting Cody Rhodes use the last name 'Rhodes.' Meanwhile, Velveteen Dream is referred to as 'Dream.' Nothing against Patrick Clark but come on..."

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In a very interesting reply, Cody stood up for Vince McMahon and Company by saying nobody is keeping him from using his family's pro wrestling last name and there is no evil plot. Cody also remarked that Velveteen Dream could call himself "blue-eyed Velveteen American Dream Soul Jr" and he wouldn't be offended at all. He praised Dream for being talented and not prone to injure people in the ring either. Cody then said the Rhodes family always makes comebacks and endures.

The remark about being allowed to use his last name is very interesting because it makes you wonder why he hasn't gone as Rhodes before in the indies, but the remark about making a comeback might be even more curious.