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Photo Credit: New Japan Pro Wrestling


Cody Rhodes takes excellent shot at wrestlers who use steroids

This is a difficult time for any wrestling fan because we’re forced to think about a horrible loss we suffered around three years ago when Dusty Rhodes passed away. He died far too soon and was instrumental in helping so many NXT Superstars find their footing who are currently enjoying great success. It’s so sad to think this current crop at the Performance Center will never know his true influence but he was able to mentor, motivate, and inspire many people during his 69 years on this big blue marble we call Earth. However, two of his biggest accomplishments live on through his sons Dustin and Cody.

At this point, Cody Rhodes is doing more than just following in his father’s footsteps because he is blazing a trail of his own. The American Nightmare’s efforts with The Young Bucks are becoming modern-day tales of legendary moves and could result in some much bigger things down the line.

WWE might be forced to pay attention to The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes and as time goes on there are already rumors of possible big money deals WWE could be prepared to throw down even though it might be some time before it even happens. After all, WWE has a couple enormous television contracts coming their way which could supply them with more than enough money to entice anyone.

Not only is All In a success, but the three guys in charge of the historic event are also huge supporters of doing it without cheating. The Young Bucks have commented in the past how they achieved their level of success without steroids and Cody Rhodes is right there with them.

Rhodes recently double-downed on his drug-free stance by saying, “steroids are for assh-les.” Then he warned anyone who is going to step in the ring with him to “stay natural” so he doesn’t blow them up after three to six minutes. To “blow up” in the ring means to become very tired and Cody could very well be taking a shot at several people with this comment.

As pro wrestling continues, performance-enhancing drugs will always be a factor, especially in the lower levels where a huge microscope isn’t on everything talent does. There are some great steps in the right direction to focus on a performer’s health rather than their look but there will always be a place for big guys in pro wrestling and sometimes those results are achieved in less than legit ways.

But if someone is looking to step in the ring with Cody Rhodes it might be best to work on their cardio along with their physique because The Grandson Of A Plumber doesn’t cheat and is ready to shoot for the sky whenever he’s in the ring.



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