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Cody Rhodes wants All In on pay-per-view but there could be a problem

The pro wrestling business is a business first and foremost. Some fans might get caught up in the artform and the showmanship but in the end, there is money involved and that’s always serious.

Cody Rhodes recently appeared on Wrestling Observer Radio where he talked about the All In show and how they sold out in way less time than they had initially expected. Cody said he was playing the pessimist thinking they would only sell 4,000 tickets in a week and he was way off.

Every ticket for the September 1st show at the Sears Centre was sold out in less than 30 minutes leaving fans scrounging on secondary market websites looking for tickets that were already jacked up to 7x their original value.

Rhodes was asked if they planned on putting All In on pay-per-view because there is such a high demand for fans to see this show who couldn’t get a seat. Cody said they have people in mind to go with if they decided to stream the show but there could be some issues.

Rhodes said they are talking to a couple companies that can make pay-per-view or online streaming possible but it needs to be done carefully. With the people they have booked on the show it might present a problem with the companies each worker is signed to.

“It is a matter of we have guys like [Penta O M] who is represented elsewhere we have guys like Okada who is representing New Japan Pro Wrestling and we have me, Matt, and Nick who are Ring Of Honor guys but also New Japan guys.” They also have some Impact Wrestling talent as well because Tessa Blanchard debuted for Impact after she was already announced for All In.

It looks like contracts might be an issue but Cody went on to say if they are allowed to make the event available for broadcast then they have some people in mind they will probably go with. It’s just all a matter of making the right decision because they are new to promoting and want to make sure everything is done in a way that won’t come back and bite them in the end.

Therefore it’s not out of the picture to see All In on pay-per-view, but they have to get around a couple logistical obstacles first.

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