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Cody Rhodes-WWE WrestleMania update

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling was told by people who are backstage that Cody Rhodes has not been seen all day and he hasn't been seen at the WWE hotel. That doesn't mean anything because WWE will typically hide big name surprises in a bus to prevent leaks from getting out. Rhodes was also not backstage at the Hall Of Fame or at any WWE-related events.

WrestleVotes strongly hinted today that Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins is still on for tonight. The WrestleVotes account tweeted, "Happy #WrestleMania Saturday. May adrenaline fill all of your souls on this wonderful night."

Rhodes' "Kingdom" theme song includes the line, "Adrenaline, in my soul" for those of you that don't know what WrestleVotes was referencing in the tweet.

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In recent days, Rhodes and/or people close to him reportedly have floated the idea that he could still back out but the reality is that he signed his WWE contract several weeks ago.

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