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Cody Silagyi, father of superfan Izzy, mocks Lince Dorado on his release from WWE



Cody Silagyi, the father of superfan Izzy, is getting a lot of heat online for what appears to be a tweet that mocks Lince Dorado for getting released by WWE. Silagyi tweeted, "@LuchadorLD Good Luck in your future endeavors" with a smiley emoji at the end of the text.

This appears to be in reaction to a 2018 tweet where Dorado expressed concern about Silagyi's daughter Izzy taking a chokeslam at the age of 12 or 13.

The 2018 tweet from Dorado said the following:

"I will not support this at all and I will leave it at that! As a parent and PROFESSIONAL wrestler I feel utterly embarrassed due to my “peers” actions! Not ok!"

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"To all my friends who support the decision of a 12-year-old getting choke slam in a professional wrestling ring that is your opinion. However, I do not agree and find that very disturbing."

The Silagyi family made news last week when multiple reports came out about the family allegedly leading fans at NXT to turn on MSK.

Dave Meltzer stated the following on Wrestling Observer Radio:

“I got a couple of versions of [the story] but the version going around is basically correct. I think the short version of it rather than go into big details of people say in line is that there are people there, including the parents of Izzy, who are mad because in 2018 Zachary Wentz before he was Nash Carter when he was an independent wrestler and others including Lance Storm and Chealsea Green made comments that were negative about Izzy taking a chokeslam at an independent show when she was 13 years old… so [Carter] shows up at NXT and her parents start the crowd to go against him and they got a lot of friends and everyone knows everyone. There’s like 200 people there and they’re pretty much all invited and it’s the same people every week…”

“It’s enough of those people that they’re booing them. They’re gonna boo MSK, that’s their deal so that’s the basic story on why. It’s not like it’s some organic thing. It was enough people that they can make it boo because it’s such a small building.”