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Colby Covington walked out to Kurt Angle’s WWE theme, Kamaru Usman retains title at UFC 245

Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington competed for the UFC Welterweight Championship at UFC 245 on Saturday night.

Covington, a hardcore Donald Trump supporter, has been playing into his friendship with the President and playing up a heel persona to get himself over as a heel in the company while cashing in higher pay checks. During his entrance, Covington walked out to the Octagon to Kurt Angle’s WWE theme. Covington recently said that he would be willing to leave UFC to wrestle in WWE.

Both men landed some heavy shots in the first round and Covington was rocked with about a minute left in the round. The second round was close with both men landing several big shots. At 2:00 left, Usman took a low blow from Covington so there was a delay in the action but the replay did not appear to show Covington’s foot hitting the groin area. Covington was rocked and appeared to be hurt from a body shot with seconds left in the round.

In the third round, Usman nailed some hard head and body shots and Covington struggled. Covington came back with some head kicks towards the end of the round but the referee stopped the action due to to an eye poke from Covington. Usman continued the fight and landed a big right towards the end of the round. Covington could be heard telling his team that he thinks he broke his jaw.

In the fourth round, it was obvious that Covington was hurting. There was a nice exchange with some heavy punches thrown by both men as Covington’s face swelled up. Usman was rocked a couple of times in this round but Covington seemed to take more hard shots overall. Covington looked better in this round though than the previous round.

In the fifth round, they both took some big shots and Usman took over with just under a minute left. Covington was knocked down twice and Usman attacked with several shots on the ground. Usman won by TKO due to ref stoppage.

Here is the clip of Covington walking out to Angle’s theme:


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