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College is still the main priority for Humberto Carrillo even with his WWE success

Humberto Carrillo

Súper Luchas spoke with rising Mexican luchador Humberto Carrillo and despite his recent push on WWE's main roster, he still has college as his top priority. He also talked about a chat he had with Vince McMahon when he was on 205 Live, and much more.

Thanks to Super Luchas for the English transcription.

About having to cancel matches in México to prioritize his studies:

���I put the dates that I could work. I'm about to end my career in physiotherapy. When I was independent, I studied, and if the matches overlapped with exams, especially with finals, I obviously gave priority to my degree. That is, I put those barriers on myself to cancel a company or a promoter, because the priority was the classes; I even had classes on Saturdays. Thank God, everything already accommodated me. Last year I had my graduation party and a week later I was in NXT. Now we are pending to conclude the titling process. ”

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About still traveling to México to graduate college:

“Last week I went to my Faculty, in Monterrey, to present my theoretical exam. And in a few days, I will have the practical test. It happens that here, when you finish your studies, you must pass a year to apply for the exams. This is the last one.

"Again, I always have in mind that I should first finish my career, because in this wrestling we are aware that we do not know how long we will last. We don't know how we are going to get out of the ring. This may not be forever, and that is why it is important to have professional support. The fight is for some a hobby, but for me it is a passion. And yet it is very important to always be backed by something else. I am very happy with everything that has happened to me in recent weeks. ”

About the time he spoke with Vince McMahon:

"On one occasion, when I was on 205 Live, I had the opportunity to talk with him. He congratulated me on my work, told me that I am doing things very well and not despair. He said he likes the way I work and is happy with the results. Those comments, coming from someone like him, are very encouraging. ”

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