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Colt Cabana says Bill DeMott used a racial slur on him and people were afraid to speak up to management

Colt Cabana gave his thoughts on the Bill DeMott situation on the latest "Art of Wrestling" podcast. He didn't mention DeMott by name but it's clear who he was talking about. Cabana congratulated the people in WWE developmental and those people that "have had a person like the one that was recently dismissed." He congratulated anyone in a job that has one of those bosses that inspires you by being an a****le boss and not someone who positively motivates you. He said those kind of people (DeMott) make the people under them have lack of respect for them and he feels happy for the people that feel free (for speaking out).

He said that WWE is a place where you cannot speak up and he got texts and phone calls from friends telling him how happy they were after DeMott resigned from his job. Cabana, who was in the developmental system back in 2007 and 2008, said that he was referred to as a "kike" and he was too scared to go to a higher up because if he did so then the company would take DeMott's side. Then he would have to go to practice every day and he would write him up and eventulally he'd get fired. He said that you could only hope to make it to the main roster so that part of your life is behind you.

Cabana talks about DeMott at about the 4:30 mark. You can listen to his podcast, and his comments about DeMott by clicking on the player below.

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