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Colt Cabana talks about CM Punk’s relationship with WWE affecting him getting hired, NXT, more

Colt Cabana appeared on episode 109 of Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast to talk about his career and more. During the interview, Cabana was asked about almost being an announcer for NXT. He said that WWE wanted him to be a commentator for NXT TV after CM Punk’s DVD was released in 2012. He thinks Triple H watched it and thought that Cabana could talk very well. He noted that he was in WWE for two years, but no one was told that. He thinks that Kevin Dunn got him fired from WWE after he saw Cabana work on SmackDown and thought that WWE got rid of him because of it. Cabana made it clear that he only believes that because that’s what he heard.

When asked about getting another tryout in WWE at Titan Towers but not being hired on a full-time basis. Cabana pointed out that they would call him and not offer him a job then eight months passed. Around this time CM Punk started getting upset with his position in the company. “So, I think that’s one of the things [he complains about], ‘you guys don’t do this, you don’t do this, and then you call Colt and you don’t even call him’. And they’re like, ‘oh my God! We didn’t [call him],’ so they call me in for another one.” He noted that another eight months passed by and WWE started sending him to NXT for three weekends in a row (in early 2014). By the fourth weekend that he was supposed to be at NXT, Punk left the company and the day after he left, Cabana received a phone call from WWE saying that they’re not interested in signing him to a full-time deal.

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