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Conan O’Brien makes fun of Florida for deeming WWE an essential business



Conan O'Brien’s television show on TBS had some fun at the expense of WWE in a new video that aired on Tuesday night.

The video talks about the impact of the coronavirus and how WWE was deemed an essential business by the governor of Florida. This comes after WWE had been and still continues to hold TV tapings in Orlando during the outbreak of the virus.

Towards the end of the clip, O’Brien stated that they thought someone should tip their cap to the good folks at the WWE.

There was a segment that showed photos of doctors, nurses, grocery workers, delivery people as they are deemed essential workers across the country. However, in Florida, those industries, as well as professional wrestlers, are considered the same.

They would then show footage of various wrestlers from independent wrestling promotions and mock how there are frontline heroes in WWE for wrestling each other for the amusement of fans.

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Photos of various WWE stars were shown with certain captions:

Mojo Rawley - essential

Roman Reigns - necessary

Natalya - crucial

Sasha Banks - indispensable

It was all in good fun. You can watch the clip here: