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Concern for Tommaso Ciampa after recent Tweet



There is some concern for Tommaso Ciampa after he tweeted goodbye to Twitter and added that "nothing matters."

Hopefully, there is nothing serious going on with him but the tweet brings up memories of his 2013 interview on Colt Cabana's podcast where he discussed his issues with depression. He said that he was in a depressed state many years ago because of an ankle injury and he turned to drugs. He says the deep depression happened around the time he was let go from his WWE developmental contract in 2007.

He said he tried to commit suicide with a car exhaust while he was on drugs. He added that a security guard saw what was going on and called the police and that saved his life and he went to get help for his issues.

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Hopefully, the tweet is nothing serious but it would be wise of Ciampa to send out a follow-up tweet because, as seen in his Twitter mentions, a lot of fans are concerned right now.

Ciampa was part of the crew of NXT stars who brawled with the Raw stars at the end of this week's Monday Night Raw.

In the video below (skip to 40:40), he talks about his history with depression and his suicide attempt.