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Concussion lawsuit against WWE dropped, could this lead to a return for Daniel Bryan?

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I've asked around and have not gotten a definitive answer on what is going on but Daniel Bryan is off all scheduled appearances with WWE. He was scheduled to be a big part of the Madison Square Garden show since it was being billed as "Daniel Bryan Appreciation Night." He was also supposed to appear on shows in Trenton, NJ and Washington, DC this month.

On Thursday, word got out that he was pulled from WrestleMania Axxess and prior to that we got word that he would be off the European tour in April. The official statement from WWE was that he was taking time off. Apparently, the relationship between Daniel Bryan and WWE remains unchanged as he remains listed on their roster page so I guess that means that he is still under contract. It's worth nothing that Brie Bella has not appeared on any shows since 3/14 and she is supposed to be part of the 5 on 5 Divas match. She was not at the tapings on Tuesday when they filmed an angle to push the Mania angle. Bryan was in Pittsburgh on 3/14 for an appearance at a Children's Hospital but he did not appear on Raw as some had speculated.

Dave Meltzer noted on his message board that there is a story here and he's working on finding out what is going on. Apparently, very few people in WWE know what is going on. Bryan has been silent on social media. He hasn't posted anything in over a month.

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For those asking if there's a chance that Daniel Bryan could actually return to the ring, well, the concussion lawsuits brought forward against WWE by former wrestlers Billy Jack Haynes, Russ McCullough, Ryan Sakoda and Luther Reigns were dismissed earlier this week so I guess, in theory, there's a chance that WWE would allow Bryan to wrestle again if they feel he can pass their tests and if the company no longer has concerns about Bryan's situation being used against them in court. The company has been very careful about concussion protocol and one of those reasons was this court case.

If we find out what is going on with Bryan, we will post an update. Hopefully, things are good.