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Adam Rose's sister passes away, donation page set up for his 7-year old niece


We would like to extend our condolences to Adam Rose and his family over the loss of his sister. Rose is in South Africa for his sister's funeral.

A donation page has been setup at this link to help Rose's 7-year old niece Daniella. Money raised will go towards education, travel resources, daily expenses, and legal expenses. The family expects do deal with incredible legal hurdles as they try and find a stable and supportive future for her.

Rose said, "My precious niece Daniella, having just turned 7, lost her mother on Tuesday, October 20. Michelle died suddenly from a heart attack in her sleep. Our family is devastated and heart-broken at the loss of our sister, mother and daughter but our focus turns to her only daughter Daniella who lives in Krugersdorp, South Africa and now faces an uncertain and bleak future. She now has no parents and as her family come together during this difficult time, our initial concern is financial as her mother was the only bread winner in the household."

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