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Conflicting stories on Alberto Del Rio incident, Paige involved?

As noted earlier this week, Alberto Rodriguez (Alberto El Patron, Alberto Del Rio) claimed on Monday that he had been stabbed and that was the reason why he missed the AAA Heroes Immortales show on Sunday night. Alberto posted a statement along with a photo showing that he had been cut several times on his arm and top of his head.

The story was that he was attacked just after he finished eating at a restaurant. He later claimed that he never called AAA because he lost his phone after being attacked. It's a strange story and it got stranger when MLW Radio reported that Alberto was involved in a fender bender and the driver of the car got out and pulled a knife on him. Keep in mind that Alberto is friendly with the people at MLW. According to the story, Alberto took the man down and that's when the man cut his arm. The claim was that there were witnesses that saw what happened. He said that the incident took place in San Antonio. So far, nothing has been reported in the local news there and there is nothing about the story coming from the San Antonio Police Department.

Leo Riano, writer for, says that he talked to Alberto and the story he told is different from the one told by MLW. Riano says that Alberto told him that the attacker was a homeless drunk man and Paige was there and she was punched. He says that Alberto tended to Paige while the attacker got away. Also, there was no mention of a car accident.

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