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Conflicting stories on Primo Colon’s WWE wellness policy violation

There are conflicting stories on Eddie “Primo” Colon’s WWE wellness policy violation.

As we noted over the weekend, Primo did an interview with Primera Hora in Puerto Rico and claimed that he never failed a drug test and he was only flagged for not taking a test because he was in Puerto Rico.

He said that WWE wanted him to fly to the United States but he was not going to pay for a ticket just to submit a sample for a drug test. It’s been several months since he’s been used on WWE shows and he has been working for his father’s promotion, World Wrestling Council, in Puerto Rico. Primo said he thought WWE would find a lab for him in Puerto Rico but he never heard back and then a couple of months later is when it was announced that he violated their wellness policy and he would be suspended for 30 days.

WWE does not comment on the details of their drug tests since there are limits to what can be said due to confidentiality but those close to the situation have told Dave Meltzer that Colon’s story regarding the suspension is inaccurate. It’s unclear what exactly is not accurate about his side of the story and, unless he decides to provide more details, we may never know exactly what happened.

Colon’s contract expires in October even though Savio Vega did an interview recently and said that Primo and Epico were no longer with WWE. However, Carlos Colon said that his son and nephew were still under contract.

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