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Conflicting stories on why Rhea Ripley lost at WWE WrestleMania

There are conflicting stories going around on Rhea Ripley and the reason why she lost the NXT Women’s Championship to Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania.

Dave Meltzer noted on Monday that the reason is that WWE wants Charlotte Flair to appear more on NXT to help boost the ratings for the show. However, on Tuesday, PWInsider’s Mike Johnson claimed that Ripley’s visa has expired and she needed to fly back to Australia to get it renewed. Given the current travel restrictions, this would not be able to fly back to the United States until travel restrictions are lifted.

However, Meltzer noted on the Wrestling Observer forum that he spoke with a source that is high up in WWE and the visa story was denied to him.

Meltzer said, “I’m double checking on this but one person high up just denied that to me. Again, I’m not saying Mike is wrong, in this company the left and right hand rarely know what the other is doing. But the person I checked with would know the creative reason given which was Charlotte to NXT for ratings help.”

Meltzer followed up with the following: “Another person high up said inaccurate and she’s in Orlando right now. Clearly if she isn’t although supposedly that was just checked, people who need to know don’t know.”

So it looks like the visa may not have been the reason why she dropped the title and it had to do more with creative plans for Charlotte on the NXT brand.


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