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Congratulations Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Cena's theme featured, WWE Network notes

Hacksaw Jim Duggan was inducted into the New York State High School Section 2 Wrestling Hall of Fame in Albany, NY. The induction took place on March 14th. Duggan was undefeated during his senior year in Glenns Falls, NY. Congrats to Hacksaw.

As noted, there will be tons of media hyping WrestleMania. LA Weekly has a feature on John Cena and his "My Time Is Now" theme. Producer Jake One, Marc Predka, and Robert Leonard, the musician who played the original horn sample were interviewed. Click here for the LA Weekly feature.

WWE will be airing an interview with Triple H and Arnold Schwarzenegger on the WWE Network tonight. The interview was done during the Arnold Sports Festival earlier this month.

Speaking of the WWE Network, they have uploaded the early WWE Hall of Fame ceremonies from 1994, 1995, and 1996. Click here for more info.

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