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Conor McGregor rips Brock Lesnar, says WWE wrestlers are "messed up p*****s"

Conor McGregor didn't hold back when the subject of WWE came up on Friday's UFC 202 media conference call. McGregor was asked if he would ever go to WWE. His response? "For the most part those WWE guys are p*****s." He added "They're messed up p*****s, if you ask me."

"Fair play to Brock, he got in and fought but, at the end of the day, he’s juiced up to the f*****g eyeballs," said McGregor. "How can I respect that?" McGregor is referencing Lesnar's positive drug test for the anti-estrogen agent clomiphene prior to Lesnar's fight at UFC 200 with Mark Hunt.

"The other guy [CM Punk] hasn’t fought yet, so I don’t know about him yet."

McGregor did have some give some praise but it was towards people in WWE management and The Rock. "I mean, there are some dons in that wrestling game. The McMahon’s? They’re dons. Triple H is a don, The Rock is a don, but the rest of them are f*****g p*****s."

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McGregor is great at garnering media attention so you never know if he truly means what he says or if he is hoping to set something up with WWE for a big payday in the future. He also noted that he enjoys WWE but it's more show business and he's in the fight business.

McGregor is scheduled to fight Nick Diaz in the main event of UFC 202 in Las Vegas on 8/20.