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Conor McGregor's agent: "If there is a WWE offer, we are willing to entertain it"

Conor McGregor is UFC's top star so it's only natural for him to consider options away from UFC if it's lucrative enough for him. McGregor's agent Audie Attar says that they would consider a WWE offer. He told ESPN, "If [WWE] is going to come with an offer, we are willing to entertain it. We are here. Have their people call his people -- which is me. We can have a conversation."

So, there you have it. If WWE is willing to pay McGregor what he is looking for then there is a good chance that we'll see McGregor in a WWE storyline, presumably for WrestleMania. If a deal is made then McGregor would join Shaquille O'Neal at Mania, who is heavily rumored to be wrestling The Big Show in Orlando.

McGregor made headlines a few months ago when he ripped on the current roster. It was assumed at the time that he was looking to see if he could do business with WWE.

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