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Content listing for new Bruno Sammartino collection, The Miz and Maryse featured on magazine cover (photo)

– The WWE Network will be adding new collections to the streaming service on June 5th. “Sammartino: The Legend Lives!” will be added and here is the synopsis as well as the content listing for the collection, courtesy of WWE Network News:

As the longest-reigning champion of all time, and WWE’s first genuine icon, Bruno Sammartino remains one of the most beloved heroes in WWE history. Hear from the Living Legend himself as the first ever two-time WWE Champion dishes on the ups and downs of a Hall of Fame career. From respected rivals and electric crowds at Madison Square Garden, to misunderstandings and regrets, walk in the footsteps of greatness with this exclusive WWE Network Collection on the career of Bruno Sammartino!

WWWF @ MSG 04/14/1975 – Greek Death Match

Bruno Sammartino proves he is a fighting champion by defending the WWE Championship against Spiros Arion in a Greek Death Match.

WWWF @ MSG 06/16/1975 – Champion vs. Champion

Two champions collide when Bruno Sammartino defends the WWE Title against the European Champion Waldo Von Erich.

WWWF @ MSG 08/09/1975 – Steeling Victory

Bruno Sammartino puts the coveted WWE Championship on the line in a bout against the villainous George ‘The Animal’ Steele.

Bruno Reflects on MSG and Koloff (Interview)

In his own words, Bruno Sammartino reflects on the importance of Madison Square Garden and his battles with Ivan Koloff.

WWWF @ MSG 12/15/1975 – Brawling with The Russian Bear

Bruno Sammartino puts the WWE Championship on the line against ‘The Russian Bear’ Ivan Koloff in a Steel Cage Match.

WWWF @ MSG 03/01/1976 – A Battle with The Big Cat

Bruno Sammartino is faced with a huge threat to his reign as WWE Champion when he defends the gold against ‘The Big Cat’ Ernie Ladd.

Bruno Reflects on Stan Hansen (Interview)

Bruno Sammartino shares his thoughts on one of his most notorious rivals, ‘The Lariat’ Stan Hansen.

WWWF @ MSG 08/07/1976 – Wrangling The Lariat

Bruno Sammartino steps inside a steel cage to defend the WWE Championship against ‘The Lariat’ Stan Hansen in this memorable bout.

WWWF @ MSG 03/07/1977 – Gorilla’s Choice

With Gorilla Monsoon serving as the Special Guest Referee, Bruno Sammartino defends the WWE Championship against Ken Patera.

WWF 04/30/1977 – An Historic Encounter

History is made when Bruno Sammartino defends the WWE Championship against one of his most storied rivals, Superstar Billy Graham.

Bruno Reflects on Superstar (Interview)

Bruno Sammartino shares some fascinating stories and memories of his most flamboyant rival, Superstar Billy Graham.

WWWF @ MSG 08/01/1977 – Blood and Guts

In one of the bloodiest WWE Championship bouts in history, Bruno Sammartino and Superstar Billy Graham battle to a stalemate.

WWF @ MSG 08/27/1979 – Crushing Volkoff

With legions of fans in his corner, Bruno Sammartino takes to the ring to go one-on-one with Nikolai Volkoff.

Bruno Reflects on Larry Zbyszko (Interview)

Bruno Sammartino discusses his rivalry with the man who would adopt his moniker as ‘The Living Legend’, Larry Zbyszko.

WWF 01/22/1980 – The Mentor and the Student

Larry Zbyszko looks to show the world why he is more than an apt pupil by battling his former mentor, Bruno Sammartino.

WWF Showdown At Shea 08/09/1980 – The Final Lesson

Within the confines of a steel cage at Shea Stadium, Bruno Sammartino looks to teach Larry Zbyszko one more lesson in humility.

Bruno Reflects on the 1980s (Interview)

Bruno Sammartino reflects on the changes that took place during the 1980s and how they contributed to his final years in WWE.

WWF @ MSG 09/13/1985 – Descent into Piper’s Pit

Things take a violent turn when Rowdy Roddy Piper interviews Bruno Sammartino on the set of Piper’s Pit.

WWF @ Boston Garden 12/07/1985 – The Italian Superman Gets Rowdy

The tensions between Bruno Sammartino and Rowdy Roddy Piper lead to a memorable confrontation between two legends of the squared circle.

WWF @ Boston Garden 02/08/1986 – Paying the Piper

With vengeance on his mind, Bruno Sammartino takes to the ring to go one-on-one with Rowdy Roddy Piper in a Steel Cage Match.

Prime Time Wrestling 02/13/1987 – Savagely Iconic

Bruno Sammartino looks for gold once again by challenging Macho Man Randy Savage for the Intercontinental Title.

Bruno Reflects on Hall of Fame (Interview)

After an iconic career filled with unforgettable moments, Bruno Sammartino reflects on his long overdue induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

WWE Hall of Fame 2013 – An Honor Long Overdue

In the building he helped make famous, Bruno Sammartino takes his rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2013.

WrestleMania Today 04/03/2014 – The Legend Lives Forever

The man whose storied career became the foundation of WWE is honored with a statue immortalizing ‘The Living Legend’ Bruno Sammartino.

– The Miz mentioned on his Instagram account that he and Maryse made the cover of Dub Magazine. Miz wrote the following:

“The #ItCouple graces the cover of @dubmagazine and we deem it #Awesome Huge thank you to @dubmagazine for turning a regular Jeep into The Most Must See Jeep in History. Also for putting the whole family in the mag. Yes, ladies and gentlemen Pumpkin and Mocha are in there as well. ENJOY!!!”

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