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Content listing for New Day’s WWE Network collection, top ten announcer beatdowns (video)

– The WWE Network will be adding a new collection to the streaming service on Monday. The New Day: Feel The Positivity will be added and here is the synopsis as well as the content listing for the collection, courtesy of WWE Network News:

“Celebrate Black History Month with the most entertaining trio in recent WWE history. Don’t you dare be sour! Sit back and enjoy the hilarious antics of The New Day. Remember when Big E ate a kazoo? Or, Kofi’s ‘old man’ shoes’. What about the group’s efforts to save the tables? The time machine. A gigantic box of Booty O’s. Francesca! All your favorite New Day moments are together in one place in this WWE Network Collection.”

RAW 07/21/2014 – Some Positive Advice

After Kofi Kingston and Big E suffer another defeat, Xavier Woods gives the duo some advice that will change their lives forever. 11/03/2014 – It’s a New Day, Yes It Is!

The WWE Universe gets their first taste of true positivity in a series of vignettes hyping the debut of The New Day.

RAW 04/06/2015 – Clapping Away The Haters

In response to their initial reactions from the WWE Universe, The New Day explains that they take to clapping to avoid snapping.

Extreme Rules 2015 – New Day?NEW CHAMPS!!!

After months of clapping away negativity from the WWE Universe, The New Day celebrate becoming WWE Tag Team Champions.

RAW 04/27/2015 – A Chant for the People

To quell the sounds of ‘New Day Sucks’ from the WWE Universe, The New Day teaches the fans a more uplifting chant.

SmackDown 06/25/2015 – Bo-Lieve in The New Day

After receiving a sermon in the power of ‘Bo-Lieving’, The New Day teach Bo Dallas a powerful lesson of their own.

RAW 08/10/2015 – You Can’t Bring The New Day Down

The power of positivity proves stronger than negativity when The New Day receives some bad news regarding SummerSlam.

RAW 08/24/2015 – The Debut of Francesca

The WWE Universe discovers the power of The New Day’s musical abilities when they are introduced to Francesca the Trombone.

08/26/2015 – A Positive Interview

Michael Cole’s efforts to have a serious interview with The New Day are thwarted by the power of positivity.

SmackDown 09/03/2015 – Save The Tables

With their adventures in Dudleyville just beginning, The New Day starts a crusade to ‘Save the Tables’.

RAW 09/07/2015 – Playing a Different Tune

When The New Day comes face-to-face with Edge and Christian, a battle between trombone and kazoo begins.

RAW 09/28/2015 – Hustle, Loyalty, Booty?

The New Day proves they can go toe-to-toe with John Cena on the mic when they answer his United States Title Open Challenge.

SmackDown 10/01/2015 – ‘Seth’s The Man’

In an attempt to encourage Seth Rollins for action, The New Day teach The Architect the power of positivity.

RAW 12/28/2015 – Going Too Far?

While The New Day vocalizes their willingness to take on anyone, Xavier Woods takes things little too far.

RAW 01/11/2016 – Yes 2 The New Day

Tensions rise when The New Day takes it upon themselves to try and ‘save’ Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel.

RAW 01/18/2016 – A Eulogy for Francesca

With Francesca the Trombone being broken by Chris Jericho, The New Day holds a funeral for their fourth member.

This Week in WWE 01/23/2016 – The New Day on SportsCenter

Witness a special look at Jonathan Coachman’s encounter with The New Day on SportsCenter.

RAW 01/25/2016 – New Day Rocks?

When The Rock returns to Monday NightRAW, The New Day decides to show The Great One what the power of positivity is cooking.

02/03/2016 – Evaluating Michael Cole

In another less than serious interview, Michael Cole’s position in WWE is evaluated by The New Day.

Fastlane 2016 – The New Day Reeks of Awesomeness

The past meets the present when The New Day crashes the return of The Cutting Edge Peep Show.

SmackDown 02/25/2016 – Enemies of Positivity

In a hilarious display of unity, The New Day sends a message to all the enemies of positivity.

WrestleMania 32 – Out of the Box

The New Day literally steps out of the box to deliver one of the most memorable entrances in WrestleMania history.

RAW 04/04/2016 – The New Day After WrestleMania

After making an incredible impact at WrestleMania, The New Day takes to the ring to address the WWE Universe.

SmackDown 04/28/2016 – A Front-Row Seat

The New Day takes over the announce position to provide some unusual commentary when Enzo and Cass face The Social Outcasts.

Payback 2016 – An Offer of Payback

As The New Day waits to see who will challenge them for the WWE Tag Team Titles, Xavier Woods makes Beyonce a special offer.

RAW 05/16/2016 – Time Machine Back to The New Day

To prepare for an upcoming battle against The Vaudevillains, The New Day uses a Time Machine to visit the ‘Bygone Era’.

RAW 05/30/2016 – Dancing with Authority

The New Day capitalizes on the sibling rivalry between Shane and Stephanie McMahon by hosting a special dance-off between them.

SmackDown 06/02/2016 – Positively Phenomenal

The New Day continue to show the power of positivity in face-to-face confrontation with AJ Styles and his Club.

RAW 06/13/2016 – Kofi’s ‘Old Man’ Shoes

While The New Day exchanges words with some top tag teams, the WWE Universe can’t help but notice Kofi’s ‘old man’ shoes.

RAW 06/29/2016 – The New Day Follows The Buzzards

The New Day strays dangerously close to annihilation by giving the WWE Universe an impersonation of The Wyatt Family.

RAW 07/25/2016 – The New Day’s New Member

The New Day commemorates another milestone by adding an honorary member to their trio but Gallows and Anderson crash the party.

RAW 08/29/2016 – Hugs and Positivity

While getting acquainted with the RAW Roster, Bayley forms a positively powerful alliance with The New Day.

RAW 11/07/2016 – Bravehearts

In effort to rally Team RAW behind them heading into Survivor Series, The New Day channel a memorable scene from Braveheart.

RAW 12/12/2016 – Celebrating a Milestone

Things get a little messy when the RAW Roster celebrates The New Day becoming the longest Tag Team Champions in WWE history.

– WWE has uploaded this top ten video to their YouTube channel looking at announcer beatdowns. You can watch it here:

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