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Contract set to expire for another WWE star



While discussing Kevin Owens' WWE contract status, Dave Meltzer also reported in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Sami Zayn's contract is due to expire later this year. There is no word on the exact date or if he is considering leaving the company.

Zayn was one of the most featured acts on WWE SmackDown this year, portraying himself as a conspiracy theorist who believed that people in the company were out to get him. The storyline eventually stalled out but he is still being featured on TV, most recently aligning himself with the Atlanta Hawks' Trae Young on SmackDown.

As for Owens' status with WWE, many believe that he will leave when his contract expires. Fightful reported that his deal was up sometime in January and Dave Meltzer reported in the Observer that the exact date is January 31.

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While it was first reported that WWE restructured several contracts (including Owen's contract) at the start of the pandemic, Meltzer cited other sources saying that a lot of wrestlers had their deal restructured at the same time as Owens and the restructuring had nothing to do with the pandemic. Meltzer stated, per sources, that the restructuring happened after WWE gave out big contracts in late 2019 around the time when AEW debuted on TNT.

Owens teased this week that he could join his former Mount Rushmore teammates (The Young Bucks and Adam Cole) in AEW when he tweeted and deleted the coordinates to Mount Rushmore. He also updated his Twitter account to the location "Almost there" and then The Young Bucks changed their location to "There."

If Owens and Zayn leave to join AEW, they would join an already-stacked roster that includes recent signees Adam Cole, Ruby Soho, Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, Malakai Black, Andrade El Idolo, and their homegrown talent.

Zayn signed his first WWE contract in January 2013 and Owens signed in August 2014.