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Contract set to expire soon for another WWE star

We’ve been writing about WWE Superstar contracts that are set to expire and one name that we haven’t mentioned is former World Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy.

Hardy’s current contract is for 2 years but it had a clause that allowed WWE to exercise that would allow them to extend the deal by a year. WWE opted to extend the contract by a year and his current deal is set to expire in a couple of months. After several months of creative not having anything for him, he was brought back this week to Monday Night Raw so he could lose to Buddy Murphy.

Hardy’s wife Reby wasn’t too thrilled about her husband being called to be at Raw just a couple of days after she had a pregnancy scare. Here’s a tweet from Reby about WWE’s timing when they decided to call Matt back to work.

For what it’s worth, when reporter Scott Fishman commented how Matt’s return was a waste of a future Hall Of Famer, Matt said he’s in a slump right now but he anticipates that he will get his groove back in a couple of months. His deal is believed to expire in March 2020, shortly before WrestleMania.

It’s highly likely that WWE will offer him more money to stay but it’s worth noting that he has friends in AEW, including Chris Jericho and The Young Bucks.

As far as Jeff Hardy’s WWE status, injuries and legal issues could mean that his deal will be extended. WWE has a clause in their contracts that allow them to add time so contracts whenever a wrestler is out with an injury or dealing with a legal issue. Dash Wilder’s contract, for example, was extended by a couple of months because he took time off for an injury.

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