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Controversial Booker T-Triple H segment was cut out from A&E’s “Biography”

The controversial Booker T-Triple H storyline was left out of the A&E Biography on Booker T on Sunday night but apparently, there was an effort to talk about that storyline during the 2-hour show.

Writer/Professor David Dennis Jr. says he was interviewed to talk about the storyline but he realized that he was not going to make the final cut. He was right because he was not featured on the show.

Dennis said the following in a now-deleted tweet: “So one of the main reasons I was brought in was to talk about WrestleMania 19. I went in about it for a LONG time. But my ass knew it wasn’t making the final cut so I figured i was gonna get cut out from the whole doc lmao”

Dennis also tweeted, “So there’s a lot of footage somewhere that’s pretty spice lmao” and “I just wonder if Vince and HHH saw it because baybeeeeee”

Those tweets have been deleted from his account.

In 2003, WWE was building up Booker T to challenge for Triple H’s World Heavyweight Championship. During an in-ring segment on the 3/3/03 episode of Monday Night Raw, Triple told Booker that “somebody like you doesn’t get to be a World Champion. People like you don’t deserve it. That’s reserved for people like me…”

Triple H also told Booker that he’s in WWE to entertain people. He said, “come on Book, dance. Entertain me, that’s your job…you’re here to make people like me laugh…with your nappy hair, and your suckas.”

The bigger problem was that fans were expecting Booker to get the last laugh at WrestleMania but Triple H won the match. A&E and WWE are working together on the wrestler Biography documentaries, which means that WWE has a lot of say on what makes the final cut.

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