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Corey Graves claims a false narrative is being pushed about him

Corey Graves is apparently taking issue with reports that link his tweet from Saturday night to Mauro Ranallo’s decision to delete his Twitter account.

As we noted last night, Graves posted a tweet that many saw as critical of Ranallo’s work at TakeOver: WarGames. Many fans followed up on Graves’ tweets with their own tweets critical at Ranallo. Sometime late Saturday night or early Saturday morning, Ranallo deleted his Twitter account.

Ranallo’s best friend and manager, Frank Shamrock, took issue with Graves and posted this quote from ICE T: “Social media has made too many of you comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the mouth for it.”

It turns out that Shamrock was using a quote that Graves tweeted out on Saturday shortly before the TakeOver show. You can see Grave’s original tweet below, followed by Shamrock’s tweet and Graves’ reply.

Graves also appears to have an issue with Dave Meltzer. Graves has not mentioned Ranallo by name but it appears to be that he has an issue with Meltzer talking about the circumstances that might have led to Ranallo deleting his account. Keep in mind that news about Ranallo’s deleted account began to spread on social media on Sunday afternoon and that was long before Meltzer commented on the situation so it seems odd for Graves to go after Meltzer.

Graves’ tweet to Meltzer can be seen below. Graves has yet to publicly talk about what “false narrative” he is talking about. If his claim is that he was not taking aim at Ranallo on Saturday night, then he may want to give an explanation because it seems as if the majority of his followers took his tweet that way and Ranallo’s best friend saw it that way as well.


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