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Corey Graves destroys Pittsburgh indy wrestler after criticism over WWE commentary ability

Corey Graves will absolutely burn you if you get out of line with him on social media. He proved that in a recent exchange with a local Pittsburgh indy wrestler on Twitter. A fan Tweeted out a comment about Crown Jewel, that included a statement that put over Corey Graves’ ability on WWE commentary:

“The end of that tournament was such a joke & Lesnar winning is terrible. But I’m weirdly enjoying It was definately unexpected at least. And the mvp of the show has been The dude has legitamately has been funny as hell. That Monroe Sky bit… funny as hell.”

Another fan responded and said that Graves’ ability on WWE commentary is “trash”:

“Graves is complete trash at commentating imo he’s annoying asf. Surprised they haven’t fired him yet with some of the stuff he says..”

This must’ve stuck out to Graves on his newsfeed, because he responded with the following:

“Look. You may not dig my commentary, but I’m far from “trash.” I’m actually really good at my job.”

This prompted a response from a local Pittsburgh (Graves’ hometown) indy wrestler by the name of Dan Sandwich:

“No bro, you suck at your job. You unintentionally bury the talent all the time.”

Graves responded by taking a shot at Sandwich, asking him if he’s still mad that he hasn’t made it out of Pittsburgh yet:

“I’m sorry dude. You still mad you never made it out of Pittsburgh? You can thank me later for the attention.”


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