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Corey Graves says his new reality show with Carmella is almost a call back to The Attitude Era



Chris Van Vliet welcomed Corey Graves and Carmella as his guests to talk about their reality show that premieres today on WWE's YouTube channel.

Graves talked about the reaction fans had to the trailer of their new YouTube show: “Corey & Carmella”

Corey said, “That was by design man. We had to come out of the gate strong. We haven't really addressed our relationship on WWE TV apart from me fawning over her entrance, which is equally to make people angry as it is to let people know that this is a real thing. So we had to come out of the gate and we discussed with WWE how we wanted to roll this out. We decided to take the sexy route, just because this is so different to anything that WWE has put out recently. It’s almost a call back to The Attitude Era where it was OK to be sexy. Being on YouTube, we had a little more leeway than being on a major network right now, so we are kind of exploring. This is as much of an experiment as it has been a goal.”

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Carmella added, “Yea, I’ve definitely read the comments. Not all of them because, oh my gosh, I don’t have that much time on my hands, and I don’t want to be depressed. But you see things like, ‘Carmella, she’s a freak. I’ve never seen her like this.’ Come on, it’s 2022. What you see on TV on Monday Night Raw, that’s not who I am in real life. Yes, I like to talk about sex, and yes, I have stepchildren now. Yes, I’m a fiancee and you get to see me with my dad and these different aspects of our lives that you don’t get to see on TV, but it’s time to normalize these things. It’s OK to be a little sexy.”

Also during this interview, Corey and Carmella talked about their biggest pet peeves about each other as a couple, Corey being cleared to wrestle, the best advice they have received in life and more.

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