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Corey Graves uses Conor McGregor insult during exchange with Becky Lynch

Former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch had an interesting exchange with WWE Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live color commentator Corey Graves on social media.

“The Man” has been on fire as of late with what she posts on her social media accounts and trolled Graves as he was her latest victim. Thus, proving yet again that she’s someone great to follow on the platforms. It all started when a fan tweeted Graves saying that he should be in a romance angle with Lynch. This is when he responded by writing, “Me too. She could use it.”

Lynch fired back with, “Of all the things I could “use” in my life right now, a romance with a middle-aged emo poured into skinny jeans isn’t one of them. Maybe you should wait till Monday to reply, you know, when you’ll have help with what to say.”

And this is when Graves used an insult by mentioning Conor McGregor, whos head coach trained with Lynch over the holidays.

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“New Year. Same bootleg @TheNotoriousMMA act. You’re friends with him right? You should be better at it. @BeckyLynchWWE”