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Could Enzo and Big Cass be getting back together at SummerSlam?

When Enzo Amore and Big Cass called it quits a little while ago a lot of people were under the assumption WWE pulled the trigger on their split too soon. They haven’t really done much apart from facing each other (or someone protecting Enzo). Since then Enzo hasn’t been anyone’s favorite soldier backstage either.

Now the two are set up in a program going into SummerSlam with Big Show in the middle. Enzo is set to be suspended from a shark cage high above the ring because that’s what you do with someone like Enzo. Big Cass and Big Show are going to give it their all but if you know anything about matches with shark cages, Enzo has to get involved in some respect.

On Wrestling Observer Live it was speculated Enzo might “accidentally” drop something like a wrench or some other kind of foreign object in the ring that Big Cass could retrieve to win the “Battle Of The Bigs” match at SummerSlam.

WWE could put these two back together and form some kind of heel union to carry on only on a different side of the roster. However, it’s also likely WWE could use this angle to write Enzo off television somehow because word going around says creative is trying to come up with ideas on how to move Enzo out of the picture due to his ridiculous backstage mistakes.

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