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Could Enzo Amore vs Big Cass be a long-term feud on Raw?

Enzo and Big Cass finally met at WWE Great Balls Of Fire and Colin Cassady made short work of his former little buddy Enzo Amore. The match was quick and overall there were plenty of questions regarding how WWE is going to book these guys from this point onward. Needless to say, WWE still might have some problems with this split.

Dave Meltzer noted on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that Enzo talks too much. He’s a great talker, but WWE could limit his segments on the microphone from eight minutes to two. He even wrapped up last week on Raw but had to pick up the mic and keep going supposedly because he still had a couple of minutes to fill on the stick.

But it was said if you’re going to have Enzo Amore come out there and spit that kind of fire then you need to let him have a real match. Meltzer said he was like a “job-guy” on television. The squash of Enzo doesn’t give any kind of credibility to this feud now that they had their first match. The fact is Enzo going out there and being amazing on the microphone is only going to go so far, Enzo needs to look like he can beat Big Cass for them to be able to carry on anything.

WWE could go with the storyline where Enzo never gives up and just keeps coming at Big Cass. But to go out there and spit an amazing segment where Enzo perfectly quoted Frank Sinatra and seamlessly wove it into his own story and he lost in such a definite way is a waste.

“I wouldn’t have hyped the match so much and have it be a freaking joke,” Meltzer said. It was remarked Enzo could manage now and possibly manage Big Cass as a heel. Of course, that was said more in jest.

Meltzer said his theory on why the crowd was so hot for this encounter was the fact they’re still mad about breaking Enzo and Big Cass up. His theory is as this plays out we might see the crowd was only hot for Enzo and his ability to work a microphone. But they destroyed Enzo to the point where this can’t be the first match of a longer program and if it was it’s insane booking. Enzo lost clean and there was no visible chance he could have won.

When Big Cass moves on and finds himself in another program that doesn’t have anything to do with Enzo he might not find a similar crowd response as Meltzer commented, “I just don’t know about him– It’s like I totally want to see something like ‘hey, this guy’s money.’ […] I just feel the people weren’t into him as a heel as much as they were really mad at him for breaking up the team and they really did like Enzo and so the match did have a reaction. [Big Cass] didn’t project to me like a Superstar. Hopefully, that changes… we’ll see.”

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