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Could Lucha Underground be on the way out?

Lucha Underground / El Rey Network

Lucha Underground / El Rey Network

Lucha Underground provids pro wrestling mixed with a Telenovela. It also features some of the most popular pro wrestlers from AAA and the rest of the indies.

But as time goes on the setup of Lucha Underground might wind up biting them. The fact they have to film all their television shows in one very short period, edit them, and air them down the road means a great lag in real time. Since the third season of the show started Penta 0M and Rey Mysterio have left the company. Johnny Mundo has since debuted as Johnny Impact in GFW.

Bryan Alvarez opened up a little bit on Wrestling Observer Live to give fans an idea of where Lucha Underground might be headed soon.

"Ultima Lucha is coming up, we only got a few weeks left of Lucha Underground and then maybe it goes away forever," Alvarez stated. "There is no fourth season taped, there's no fourth season that is being talked about being taped."

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"So if we're ever gonna see it again first they have to tape the season, then they have to edit the season, and then they have to put the season on television. So one way or the other Lucha Underground's got about four weeks left for the foreseeable future."

Therefore if you're currently enjoying Lucha Underground, then you might want to write a couple letters to El Rey Network and let them know you want to keep the show. Because if things don't change soon Lucha Underground might soon be a distant memory.

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Credit for quotes in this article goes to Wrestling Observer Live and Still Real To Us for the transcription