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Cryptic tweet from Sasha Banks has fans wondering if she has moved on from WWE



Sasha Banks has fans talking again after her latest cryptic tweet.

Banks has been teasing a photoshoot under her real name (Mercedes) but her latest tweet has people wondering if she is really done with WWE for good.

She wrote, "I will conquer my biggest dreams. Once you open the cage, I bet that I’ll spread my wings."

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The quote came from Kendrick Lamar's "Dumb It Down" track.

The last we heard is there is no progress made between Banks and WWE and the company does not expect her back anytime soon. They would love to have her back but are willing to let her sit at home. If she continues sitting at home then the company can opt to freeze her contract until she returns so a jump to another wrestling company is unlikely at this point.

Check out the latest tweets from Banks below: