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Current WWE star to be repackaged as a masked wrestler

The plan right now is for Tyson Kidd to be repackaged as a masked wrestler. His mask has already been designed by a guy that makes Lucha Libre masks so it looks like they are going forward with those plans. The feeling within WWE is that even though he's a talented wrestler, they've marginalized him for so long that there's not much they can do with him above the prelim wrestler level. There's no word if the plan is to push him as a Mexican wrestler or not but the mask that they have designed for him is a Lucha mask.

Triple H mentioned on the conference call yesterday that Tyson has kind of took a backseat to Natalya since she's a star on Total Divas and wondered aloud what could happen if Natalya wins the NXT Divas title and Tyson fails to win the NXT title. Tyron Kidd faces Adrian Neville tonight on NXT Takeover for the NXT Championship.

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