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Current WWE Superstar responds to question about joining the Bullet Club

Let’s face it there are a few guys in the WWE locker room who might fit in better with the Bullet Club than they presently do in WWE. But the BC crew are not a WWE faction therefore, these amazing entertainers have to find another way to practice their craft.

Tyler Breeze is an outstanding talent and has the ability to perform with any style thrown at him. But his ability to turn a phrase into something hilarious has taken priority recently as Breezango seems to be his main objective at this point. His Fashion Files segments with Fandango and The Ascension might be the best place to find Prince Pretty at this point, but plenty of fans realize his potential and that he is being drastically underused on the roster.

But if Tyler Breeze were to join forced with the Bullet Club it could be too sweet, to say the least. But unfortunately, that’s not likely. One fan asked Breeze if he had any interest in joining the BC guys and his response was quite simplistic but spoke volumes.

Therefore, although it might sound like a good idea it doesn’t look like Tyler Breeze will be donning a Bullet Club t-shirt anytime soon.

Then again, there’s always the possibility that Breeze could always be one of those guys who can reach extreme heights away from WWE as part of the famous stable. But only time will tell on that one. In the meantime, he’s a WWE guy and seems quite happy about that even though his fans would certainly love to see his talents used more effectively on SmackDown Live.

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