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Current WWE Superstar says he misses wrestling

When WWE brings someone into the company sometimes there is a certain amount of expectation. Mike Bennett and his wife Maria Kanellis were mainstays in Impact Wrestling and then were featured in New Japan as well. The heel duo had big feud potential in WWE, or so we thought. Apparently, Mike thought so too because he and wife Maria signed with WWE and the Power Of Love was unleashed with a booming arena rock ballad like something out of an 80’s movie and hearts all over their Titantron display but that was about the extent of the impressiveness.

Mike Kanellis changed his last name to match his wife’s adding even more heat to his character and everyone was waiting to see what would happen. The team debuted at Money In The Bank 2017 and were soon lowered to an enhancement level talent on the card after a lackluster promo to hype their arrival.

To make matters even more complicated for Mike Kanellis, Maria was taken off the road due to her pregnancy and she hasn’t been cleared for a return yet. Mike Kanellis’ career seems to have suffered because of this as well and he recently commented that he misses wrestling. This is certainly not the way we saw things going for Mike and Maria Kanellis when they debuted a year ago.

As he’s clean and sober, Mike can hopefully focus and possibly pitch some repackaging ideas for himself and Maria when she’s ready to start making towns again. Those two are good and shouldn’t be counted out just yet, but it might be a good idea to change their gimmick a little no matter how catchy their theme song is.


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