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Curt Hawkins on advice he gives to Superstars who want to leave WWE

WWE Superstar Curt Hawkins was recently interviewed on the Sam Robert’s Wrestling Podcast to talk about his WWE run. Hawkins first talked about his relationship with WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon. He also revealed what “The Chairman Of The Board” thinks about him as a performer:

“He’s obviously intimidating,” Hawkins said. “He’s the ruler of professional wrestling, but I’ve always had a good rapport with him. I am very comfortable talking to him and things like that.

“I think he has seen me wrestle all these years and knows that I am a very serviceable pro wrestler and knows that I work hard every night, and I think he appreciates that. I’m not Roman Reigns, but as far as where he sees me on a star level, but there is a value of Curt Hawkins for sure. He has called me a good hand several times in meetings and to my face.”

Hawkins was initially with WWE from 2006 to 2014. After that run, he competed on the independent circuit and worked for promotions such as IMPACT Wrestling for two years. In 2016, Hawkins returned to the company with a newfound experience of life away from the professional wrestling juggernaut.

He revealed the advice he shares with those currently in WWE that are considering leaving the company:

“I try to give them my perspective. I had a great time on the indies. The experience was cool and I did some cool things, so, I love pro wrestling but it was a lot of hard work and a lot of hustle,” said Hawkins.

“A lot of lonely ‘Virgil’ moments where you have to suck it up. That autograph line is not never ending wherever you go. There are moments where you have to check your ego and I don’t think that a lot of guys who have not done it don’t understand what the experience is like.

“If you do a good job and consistently work somewhere, and not work a lazy match and just take someone’s money, because I was doing the opposite. I told them that they don’t have to pay me this much, but that I would like to be involved with storylines and feuds and earn rapport of the fans where people are coming to see ‘The Prince of Queens’ Brian Myers and not Curt Hawkins, so that was my business philosophy.”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions


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