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D-Von Dudley comments on his recovery from surgery



D-Von Dudley underwent spinal fusion surgery last month. The WWE Hall Of Famer had mentioned before the surgery that he had multiple bulging discs in his middle and lower back as his spine had shifted and was touching nerves.

D-Von opened up on how he’s feeling one month after getting the surgery during the latest episode of Table Talk podcast. He noted that he can’t go up steps yet and he had his first visit with his doctor two weeks after the surgery.

“The surgery went very well, healing up very nice and the incision on my back is closed up, so I don’t have to worry about that anymore.”

He continued, “I’m happy that it’s closed up and I feel great but the pain from the surgery is what I’m feeling now. I’m not feeling the pain that I used to feel, thank God.”

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D-Von said he was up walking two hours after the surgery. Originally, they were supposed to fix the L4 and L5 in his spine, but when they opened him up, they said the L6 needed to be fixed as well. They also saw the nerve damage and fixed that.

The surgery was supposed to be three hours, but they ended up taking seven-to-eight hours.

“So I’m just happy to be back in terms of I’m in the recovery stage. I can’t fly yet. I gotta walk with a walker or a cane right now because everything’s still fragile until I go to rehab which is in about another month.”

D-Von noted that he looks forward to going back to work for WWE and thanked the fans for all of their support.

H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcription