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D-Von Dudley discusses WWE releasing William Regal and Road Dogg



D-Von Dudley recently gave his thoughts on WWE releasing William Regal and Brian ‘Road Dogg’ James earlier this month.

WWE continues to try to reimagine the brand by bringing in new talent and personnel. Regal and Road Dogg joined the likes of Dave Kapoor, Scott Armstrong, Allison Danger and NXT writer Ryan Katz to be let go.

The current WWE producer talked about these releases while speaking on the ‘Wrestle Buddy’ podcast.

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“Well again, I don’t know too much. I mean, again, on the, you know, I hate to say ‘firings’ but [WWE] letting go of certain talent or their producers or you know, talent. I don’t know too much of it. I do know that you know, William Regal was looked upon as probably one of the greatest minds in the business to help launch NXT with Triple H. Of course Road Dogg working for both the main roster and NXT. A lot of people praised Road Dogg for his contributions for both rosters. It’s sad, you know, but for whatever reason, WWE did what they did. You know, it’s not me to judge or to ask questions. I just — I do my job and I move forward.

They will be greatly missed because again, they were great minds and they were able to put a shot in the arm on both SmackDown, Raw, and NXT. So hopefully, they’ll be fine and maybe one day, like everybody else says in wrestling, it’s a revolving door. Hopefully, they’ll be able to come back. Not in the wrestling form because that’s what they always say. They expect us to come back wrestling and I’m just like, ‘No, we’re too old to do that now,’ even though some of us don’t feel that way and we still wanna get in the ring but, I know my time is done. But I just feel that one day, it probably will come back around. We might see those guys back again, we might not, I don’t know. But I do know that they will be greatly missed and you know, again, it was sad news to hear about the exiting of so many great people.”

After a few appearances in WWE in the late 1990s, WWE brought him back in 2000 where he worked for the company for 22 years. Regal later became a talent scout, trainer, and NXT General Manager. James worked as a writer and producer for the SmackDown and NXT brands after he returned in 2013.

H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcription