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D-Von Dudley's twin sons talk about their WWE tryout, why they use the 3D as their finisher and more

Chris Van Vliet

Chris Van Vliet

WSVN-TV entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet got a chance to interview D-Von Dudley's twin sons, Terrence and Terrell at American Top Team's Halloween Show in Coconut Creek, FL over the weekend.

They talked about their recent WWE tryout, the feedback they received from the trainers at the Performance Center, how they got into the industry, why they use the 3D as their finisher and much more.

On their WWE tryout in June 2018:
Terrence: It went phenomenal. I think it went great. We got a lot of feedback from all the trainers, and yeah, it went great. The feedback was they think we'll do very well in a future position. They would just like us to have a fanbase first. So they're suggesting maybe starting out with Japan, the UK, stuff like that before we start out in NXT.

Terrell: We got a lot of advice from Scotty 2 Hotty as far promos, Mark Henry as far as character, how to feed off each other. Mark Henry, Scotty 2 Hotty, Matt Bloom, the head trainer over at NXT, so many guys gave us advice.

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When they think they'll be in WWE:
Terrell: Only time will tell, right now we're focused on conquering every promotion we step in. Our main goal, though, is going overseas to Japan, to Europe... we want to touch base pretty much all over the world first, conquer that. That's kind of what Bubba and D-Von advised us to do, because that's what they did. We kind of want to earn our stripes first before we fully get our foot into NXT.

On using the 3D as their finisher:
Terrell: At first we didn't want to do the 3D because we didn't want to copy everything, but then Bubba pulled us aside and said why not use the most devastating finish for tag team wrestling of all-time? He said what other tag team finish utilizes both people like that? So I agreed, then we talked about it and we tried to come up with some weird finish where it was like a double Alabama Slam. It just didn't really work. So we tried the 3D; we did our first 3D in Tampa for our first show, and we got a big pop. We were like -- alright, we're going with the 3D.

On doing the What's Up:
Terrence: Our dad wanted us to do the What's Up, but we felt like that was completely ripping him off. But when we do that, everybody pops. Who doesn't pop when you put your head in somebody's crotch? I mean, we get a pop every time with that! We're trying to maybe just do the 3D for now and come up with some more stuff on our own.

What it was like growing up in the wrestling industry?
Terrence: We grew up in during the greatest era of wrestling: the Attitude Era. So how can you not fall in love with it? We weren't just watching it on TV. We were there for all the shows. Madison Square Garden, The Godfather, Chris Benoit, all the greats. I was actually there when our dad powerbombed Mae Young through the table. That was like the sickest moment. So those experiences we had -- we fell in love with it.

Thanks to Chris Van Vliet for the transcription