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Damian Priest explains why he joined Edge's new stable



Edge appeared on WWE Monday Night Raw for an in-ring promo. He talked about his win over AJ Styles and he said that he didn't expect to see Damian Priest but it makes sense because he tried to be an upstanding role model for the "sheep" just like he did.

Priest said he was lost during the weeks leading up to WrestleMania and he said it was easy to make the decision to pledge his loyalty to Edge. Styles walked out and attacked Edge and Priest but Priest made the save for Edge before he could nail Edge with the con-chair-to. Edge finished off Styles with a spear and he teased the con-chair-to but officials ran out to stop him.

As it was reported earlier, there are more members joining Edge's stable soon. Click here for spoiler news on the female star that is likely joining the group and click here for news on the NXT star being considered.

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