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Damian Priest on why he regrets doing high-risk moves, advice given to him by Triple H and Shawn Michaels

WWE NXT North American Champion Damian Priest was the guest this week on the Gorilla Position podcast.

Priest was on to talk about his career, Triple H, Retribution, ladder matches, holding a WWE championship, and much more. Here are some highlights:

Damian Priest talked about his ladder match and high-risk spots: “I was the only one in the match who had never been in a ladder match. I remember just to warm up to the idea, I went to the PC and I asked them to put a ladder in the ring so I could stand on it to see what it felt like and the height because I had so many ideas. I’m going to destroy this match and go crazy. But then I climbed that ladder and I was like, nope, and I got right back down. Man, it’s scary. I’m not the biggest fan of heights. I know that sounds weird considering some of the things I do, but every time I go to do one of those crazy, high-risk maneuvers in the moment, instantly I regret it.”

Priest let us know what advice Triple H and Shawn Michaels gave him: “Everybody said it in their own words, but Hunter and Shawn have been very adamant about me just being myself and not pretending to be this over the top character like I’ve done for 15 years. Even if I was portraying a version of myself, I was still pretending because I’m basically showcasing myself in what others believe I am. It’s really still not being me. They have both been adamant telling me that, we see you how you are outside of the ring when we are personally interacting. They said to be that guy. Just do that.  You are a cool guy. It was a struggle at first because I see that red light and automatic instincts take over to act. It was hard to just start being myself.”

Priest was asked if he is nervous about eventually going to the main roster because it doesn’t always work out for everybody: “I’m not nervous at all. Everybody is different. Sometimes things work out for better, sometimes, not so much. But ultimately, it’s all opportunity and you have to find it within yourself to make things work. I firmly believe that. I was never meant to succeed on the indies because my size and style, I have been told, is more on the main roster like RAW and SmackDown. I figured out a way. It’s on us to figure out a way.”

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